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Technology in Education


An organization which provides resources and guidance for helping teachers to create effective uses of technology for learning.

Crash Course

A YouTube channel with educational videos based on high school an university curriculums. They have a few different subject playlists like world history, chemistry, economics, and philiosophy.


Already fairly common within our own school, Kahoot allows teachers to create quizzes that the class can complete on their phones, and then see student’s answers in real time.


Usually used as a simple but powerful graphing tool, Desmos also has many other tools for teaching, like activities that the class can complete to reenforce concepts learned in class. In Advanced Functions we often use the graphing functionality during class.

Education World Archives

An list of many different resources and articles relating to technology in the classroom. There is a range in the topics covered here, from teachers’ experiences in using technology for teaching, to tutorials on setting up websites.