Effective Technology Tools


As I’ve written about in my last blog post, I am terrible with procrastinating things until the last minute, and just wasting time away doing nothing. Rescue Time seems like a good tool I could use to help manage this. It allows users to block sites for a set amount of time, and see how much time is spent on different websites or applications. I already use another application called Focal Filter to block websites while I’m working, but Rescue Time appears to offer more functionality. It wouldn’t be a magic wand that would solve all my issues of course, but I think it could be a useful application to keep me on task.

I am taking advanced functions this semester, and using some of the more advanced functionality of Desmos would be a great way to expand on some of the concepts that we’ve learned in class. Currently, we use Desmos as a simple graphing calculator to visualize various functions. However, Desmos offers much more functionality than just a simple graphing calculator. There is a wide range of activities that teachers can use to explore various equations. So far, much of the course has been focused on the properties of polynomial functions. Polygraph: Polynomials is a “Guess-Who” type game, where two players choose a graph from a list, then ask questions about the graphs to try to deduce which one their opponent has chosen. This would be an interesting way for students to reenforce concepts, and still could be engaged with the content.

As a teacher, Remind seems like it would be very useful for contacting students outside of the class or possibly replacing the need for a website entirely. There isn’t really any way for teachers to contact students directly, whether it be for a last minute change to homework, or for easily providing extra help outside of class. Instead of having the student come in for an extra help session, possibly eating up hours or more of your day, it becomes relatively painless for students and teachers to communicate about questions via texting. As the name suggests, Remind also lets you set reminders about homework or other assignments. This could eliminate the need for an entire separate website, depending on the needs of the teacher.


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