Procrastination is probably the literal biggest problem in my life. Every project I do I end up leaving to the last minute; I’m starting this blog post 40 minutes before it’s due. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and I’ve spoken to 2 different therapists on the issue and there are nights when I am literally incapable of doing work because the chemicals in my brain are just like “Nope, I’m outta here. See you later m8”.  As a result, I stayed up until 5:00 the night before the learning skills project was due, just to have something that resembles a completed project. Thankfully Ms. Cuttle gave me an extension until Thursday…where I promptly did nothing Monday, very little Tuesday, and once again stayed up late Wednesday. I wasn’t able to implement the research into the program itself, and so had to type something up in word the day of. I didn’t include a bunch of features that I would have liked to in the game I created. I was planning on doing something about relating the symbols in the matching game in different ways to remember them easier – grouping together the physical characteristics of tiles, or their meanings. For example there is are pictures like a lock and key, or a sword and shield which are linked by meaning, or a tear drop and an egg, which look similar. I was also planning to have a few different games using the same premise, not just the “Concentration” clone that I made.

Of the couple class periods we actually had, I think I used them effectively. I was having some technical problems trying to get my code to work which I wouldn’t have had at home, but I don’t think there’s not much I could have done other than spend time to resolve the issues.

I definitely could have done better on the project. Like I said there were a bunch of improvements I was planning to make but didn’t have time to because of my shitty brain. I am glad that I chose to make a game, since even though I made my life unnecessarily difficult, I haven’t really had a chance to make a largeish program for school since grade 10. Again, like I’ve said I left the project to the last minute like always.

I suppose what would help the most is the ability for me to ask for extensions if and when,(and it will be when) I need them. I will probably need to make sure I don’t choose unnecessarily complicated projects again, especially during a very busy week like this one.


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