PEDs Project Reaction

Our group is focusing on using PEDs in the class to increase engagement and achievement by creating an activity for students that uses PEDs. Up to this point we have mainly been planning how our project will play out, and we’ve done a very small amount of research. So far, I don’t really like the tools we used for planning (Ghantt chart, breaking components into deliverables / milestones / activities / tasks). I find them to be unwieldy, and it seems like we spent more time figuring out how to use them than actually planning, which makes sense given we’ve never used them before. That said, I feel like it would have been easier to just write out everything that needs doing and go from there. Having such a strict structure to follow seemed to get in the way more than help. On top of that, trying to lay out all of our plans is difficult in the first place because we don’t really know how our project is going to go. By that I mean that we don’t have a very fleshed out idea of what is needed to make PEDs successful, so it is difficult to try and plan what we need.

When we were trying to figure out our deliverables and milestones and so on, I did a large amount of the work. Everyone was getting caught up in whether a particular piece is a milestone / deliverable / activity / task, which wasn’t really useful. I ended up writing out a chronological plan without a ton of thought to the categories and it turned out much better. We then collectively “translated” that plan to the required form. I more or less took leadership of the group because no one else really was. I’ll probably be project manager if we ever choose one

I’m concerned we don’t have a clear idea of what we’re doing. We can’t really do a ton until we can talk to the teacher, so until then we’re going to have to pretty much just be researching. We also don’t have a very clear idea of what our endpoint looks like. We don’t really know what we’re going to do after we do the activity, other than some vauge plans. We don’t have a very fleshed out idea for how to make our project have an actual effect on the school afterwards.

The outcome of our project is going to depend in a large part on what the teacher wants (how long we’re going to have with the class, what sort of activity the teacher might be looking for, etc). How specific the activity is to the class will also effect how well it could be used in other classes. For example, say we end up doing some sort of quiz thing like a Kahoot, that could be transferred pretty easily to a different class / subject. All you would have to do is change the questions. If it’s something more specific, however, it might be quite hard to leave something lasting for other teachers to use.


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